Submit your application here if you are an external researcher applying to conduct research in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town (UCT). If you are a registered student or staff member from the Faculty please submit your application directly to the research committee of the Department concerned.
Before submitting your proposal, please review the Humanities Research Ethics Guide

Upload the following documents along with other relevant supporting material:
  • Completed Humanities Research Ethics Committee (REC) ethics form
  • Your research proposal
  • All questionnaires & consent forms, etc. which you plan to use
  • If you are not a UCT staff member or student please include a letter confirming that you have received ethics clearance from your home institution.
Once your application is approved you will receive a letter with outcome and reference number which is signed by the Chair of the REC.
If you are also applying for access to staff and student populations after ethics approval you will also need to fill in the forms below and then apply to the Department of Student Affairs and UCT's Human Resources departments for access. Please cite the reference number of your approval letter with your application .
Access to UCT staff or students requires the following forms
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